Music for Silent Films


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Un Chien Andalou

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About the Music

I have loved silent films all my life, especially those of the German Expressionist and Surrealist Movements. Because the films are silent, they allow the composer complete freedom to express in sound the shaky, black and white moving pictures on the screen. The music on this site represents my efforts at defining these wonderful films through music, capturing their moods and emotions. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you find on this site and that it may serve as a springboard to your own exploration of these beautiful examples of early cinema.

About the Composer

Kit O'Saoraidhe is the founder of Chorium, the High IQ Society for Musicians. He is a composer and pianist. He is an authority on the music of Ignatius Sancho and is a keen backgammon and senet player as well as being interested in photography, horology, chess, computer programming and theoretical physics. He is the author of the Musical IQ Test. As well as being a member of the British Humanist Association, Kit is a committed vegan and animal rights campaigner. He is the author a book of short horror stories, Tales from a Darker Place, available on Amazon.

The films represented on this site are:

Nosferatu (this page)

Un Chien Andalou (this page)

Vampyr (this page)


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Sealed Room

The Fall of the House of Usher.

More to follow......

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